Our Story

The idea behind bumpbows was born where many great convos take place - the women's restroom.  As a mother of two in a male dominated workforce, my pregnant coworker and I were discussing our frustration with what we viewed as an unfortunate side effect of pregnancy - the dreaded 'popped' bellybutton.

After getting home in the evening and digesting the conversation (and doing a little Googling!) - I realized there was not a fun, practical and affordable product on the market designed to help women's clothing lie more smoothly and comfortably on their pregnant bellies - and so bumpbows began to take shape.  As I began refining my vision for what I wanted bumpbows to become, I realized that they could not only serve a purpose under clothing, but also as an accessory to assist in gender reveals, maternity shoots, and even for brave Mamas bearing their bikini baby bumps (whew, try saying that 3 times fast!).

So I invite you to add a pop of color to your pregnancy by trying bumpbows today - "...for the best gift you'll ever deliver." ™


A special thank you to the following individuals that have helped bumpbows come to life! 
Catherine Aldrich (website photography - indoor shots, product photography)
Denise Muncie (website photography - outdoor shots)
Carrie Liller (product packaging design)